Dental chair

YD-D1 Integral Dental Units

Item No.: YD-D1 (2019)
Economy dental chair with leather cushion
Description Specification Dental Accessories Cushion Cart

* Comfortable headrest surface headrest, U - Shaped backrest, height difference between edge and center up to 50mm, large chair, more clear;
* Double steel strcture, more steadiness;
* Built in tissue box design, beautiful and convenient;
* Adjustable aluminum suction handle, light weight, Sturdy and Durable;
* Inlay magnet to the cover of chassis, make it more firm;
* Handpiece anti - suction system.
* 6 Handpiece holder

01. LED & Halogen Operation Light;
02. Timotion Brand Motor(Taiwan);
03. Standard doctor stool;
04. 2X 3-way syringes, each at doctor and assistant side;
05. 3X four-hole handpiece tubing with coupler (2XHigh, 1XLow);
06. 1X High-volume Evacuator (HVE) and 1X Saliva Ejector;
07. 1X Foot controls;
08. Ceramic spitton bowl and sensor water supply
09. Water and air tubes from Germany or USA;
10. Thickness Micro -Fiber Leather Cushion.
11. Small X-Ray viewer

Natural Working Condition

1. Environmental temperature: 5℃~40℃
2. Relative humidity: 30%~80%
3. Atmospheric pressure: 86 kPa~106 kPa
4. Rated voltage: 230 Vac ± 10%, 5 A
5. Rated frequency: 50Hz±1 Hz
6. Water source:
    -water pressure: 0.20 MPa ~0.40 MPa;
    -flow: >10 L/min;
    -hardness: <25°
7. Air source:
    -air pressure: 06MPa~0.80 Mpa;
    -flow: >50 L/min; Oil-free
8.  Bearing capacity of the chair = 135 KG
Opeational part

01.  Imported 4 hole high speed handpiece/made in china
02.  Imported 4 hole low speed handpiece/made in china
03.  Built in ultrasonic scaler
04.  Built in 24V LED curing light
05.  Top-Mounted tool tray/ Big X -Ray viewer down mounted tool tray
06.  Intraoral camera
07.  Cushion color ( Thickness Micro fiber leather/ seamless 1.2 mm PU leather)
08.  Sofa cushion
09.  Oil free dental air compressor
10.  Suction machine
11.  Dental sterilization autoclave
Cushion Cart


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