Can be used in the conditional of 4-5 units
Description Operation 


1. Motive power system adopt width voltage & double frequency, motor with protection IP55 grade as driving, to accomplish turbine circle suction strength with lower nosie, higher pressure, larger rate of flow 
2. Filter system adopt advanced mechanical filter technology in the present water technology,can effective dislodge rubber mass and other solids

3. high efficiency & twice water and air separation system can prevent liquid & blood and bloody bulla of pipeline to suction vacuum pump. high foam compatibility. During high rate of flow, it still have stable separation efficiency. small obstruction, simple maintenance.

4. adopt high energy conversion ferquency, it can auto-check dental unit situation


Automatic Vacuum Regulatlation:

Automatic pressure sensor enables reaction to supply optimal vacuum power for surgery use
Pressure sensor can check how many chairs are used, then, it sends the information to the inverter
preventing over-hearing problem & Saving energy & Extending motor life time 

Intelligence control system by Control Panel

This advanced technology offers flexible, intelligent control system to realize and upgrade customer satisfaction level
From this information by pressure sensor, panel controls the motor speed 
when 1 surgery use, it operates inverter 40-45HZ, and 2 surgery use, it increases motor speed to 50-55HZ 
so it prevents over-heating problem. saves energy and extends motor life time


Technical Data

power 220V/50Hz-60HZ
work mode intelligentialize Frquency conversion
Input power 1300W
Maximum wind pressure 38kPa
Vacuum degree -33kPa
Suction qunatity 1200 L/min
Weight 52KG
Noise 62dB
motor revolution 2800r/min
Packing size 520*480*700(mm)


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