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What is the process of scaling? What needs attention after scaling?

The most things I do every day, is to give my patients to clean the teeth. The most thing the patient does every day, is to ask questions.
Doctor, is it pain?
This time, I will cast a glance at him, smiled and told him.

Yes, born to die.

In fact, I was scaring them
In general, teeth cleaning is divided into ultrasonic teeth cleaning and manual cleaning teeth. Now it is often said of teeth cleaning, generally refers to the ultrasonic tooth. The patient who was with more pigment in teeth,  the doctor may also suggest him to accept the sandblasting treatment. (Spray out the pigment, such as the smoke stains)
Before teeth clean

1. Choice of medical institutions

Teeth cleaning must choose a regular medical institutions. Such institutions have a strict instrument disinfection system, to prevent a variety of viruses including hepatitis b, HIV transmission.

2. Personal counseling

The problem in high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, blood and other system diseases, any drug allergies or any drugs be taken and so on is very important.   Leukemia is not stop the bleeding after the deep teeth clean, diabetic patients with poor blood sugar control and susceptible to infection, the patient with a traditional pacemaker or with valve surgery done after exclusion of ultrasonic scaling, or need to take preoperative anti - inflammatory drugs, in short must be truthfully to tell the doctors.
The patients in heavy periodontitis need the imageological diagnosis, such as the ponoramic X-Ray, to get the information about the periodontal, the heavy one also need the further surgery. As well as with the blood test and to get the information about the coagulation function. If there with the inflammation, deep cleaning teeth will cause more serious bleeding. If necessary, to check the full set of infections, especially acute hepatitis, "HBeAg" patients can not ultrasonic cleaning teeth.
When cleaning the teeth

The standard procedure for teeth cleaning is as follows
1, the mouth disinfection: commonly used 0.12% chlorhexidine mouthwash gargle 1 minute.

2, table hemp: the table will be applied to the gums on the gum, in order to make the whole process more comfortable (after all, when the depth of cleaning teeth may be some pain).
3. the ultrasonic cleaning / hand cleaning: the doctor will carefully put the cheek / tongue side of each tooth, near the far side, part of the subgingival gingival part are clean.

4, sandblasting: This is a special salt with high-pressure water for the teeth to do further cleaning, clear the effect of pigment is more obvious, the teeth on the pigment deposition is not serious patients, do not need to sandblasting.

5, polishing: polished with polishing paste or toothpaste polishing tooth surface, the process more comfortable, some patients feel that doctors in their own "brushing."

6, rinse the drug: 3% H2O2 solution + 0.12% chlorhexidine solution alternately rinse. Within half an hour do not rinse, do not drink, do not eat.
There the pain or not, it is different from each people. The crowd in heaby gingival recession, there will be root dentinal hypersensitivity. It sure that will be some pain in the cleaning process (We have local anesthesia). Some of the vulnerable young people, there the doctor can do to adjust the power approach.
After the teeth cleaning

After the teeth cleaning, due to removal of dental calculus, dental tissue exposure. The gingival recession patients even somebody  could with root surface exposed teeth, and appear different degrees of sensitive symptoms.General periodontal health of the crowd, there just little sensitive, only a few days, the symptoms will be eliminated.

In the diet, in two weeks after the teeth clean there should not eat the foot which is cold, hot, sour and sweet. At ordinary times to use the desensitization toothpaste, there let it stay for a while in the sensitive place.If necessary, to ask the doctor make your teeth surface coat with a “protective agent’ to reduce the incidence of sensitive. If there not do the regular cleaning due to the fear of sensitive, the teeth will be fall off when someday the periodontal be worse enough.
2. The patients with a large number of dental calculus, especially brushing brush outside only and not brush inside (lingual side), there will be gingival recession, alveolar bone resorption, root exposure after a long time. Why the gap between teeth become wide and the teeth become ‘loose’? The truth is : the dental calculus cover your teeth’s look. If not clean the dental calculus, fums will be further shrink back and the teeth will be more loose.As a reason to give up teeth clean is a bit deceiving bell meaning.
3. Does teeth clean will hurt the teeth? The answer is no. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body. Dental calculus are cleaned by an ultrasonic scaler, and the one fall is the block shape and not the powder, it proves that is not worn away. To look carefully, the knife is round and not sharp.
4. The patients who with gingival swelling after the deep teeth cleaning, redness and recovery, and surface feels the gingival recession, even  the formation of a ‘black triangle’, that because alveolar bone has been horizontally absorbed and destroyed,the X-ray photo is the evidence! Inflammation is already very serious. When inflammation is restored, health state is like that way. If you don’t believe, when there hurt again, you look at it, if there the gums is “taller” when the gums swollen again.

5.The most important is : you need to with the good teeth clean after you back home. Learn to use the dental floss and the toothbrush. How to use it? There will be teach by the doctor or there some video information from the hospital. Everyone must to protect our teeth not just rely on the doctor.  


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