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Global Economic Data of Medical Equipment Dental Chair Unit- Yadeng Dental Supply

Abstract: From January to June in 2016, the export value of dental equipment in China was 86 million US dollars, decreased by 4.8% compared with the same period of last year. The main export markets are the United States, Russia,Turkey,Germany, India,Egypt.
In spite of the many uncertainties: Britain's DE-Europe, China's sluggish economy, and the US presidential election, stock prices are generally on the top for the world's largest medical device company. In March 31,survey of medical device companies, about two-fifths of the stock price is up. As of June 30, more than half of the stock prices are on the rise.
1.From January to June 2016,China's dental instruments and apparatus exports quantity and amount:


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Month Quantity(Set) Amount(USD) Compared with The Same Period of Last Year
Quantity Amount
January 41,533,495 15,611,138 -21.3% -11.6%
February 24,672,215 10,169,706 -22.5% -38.1%
March 32,576,410 13,498,120 14.6% 27.3%
April 36,070,171 15,149,753 6.1% 11.7%
May 58,539,379 15,913,693 6% -5.4%